Pitt Meadows Logistics Park Project

About the project

The Project is proposed on approximately 41 hectares (101 acres) of CP-owned land on the south side of the existing facility, plus areas in the existing CP right of way (Project Area). The Project Area extends from Kennedy Road to Harris Road.

The project is subject to regulatory approval.

The proposed project has three major rail and transload components.
  • Agricultural hub where Canadian agricultural products will be received by rail and transloaded to shipping containers for distribution in custom allotments around the world.

  • Auto lot to receive by rail North American-made automobiles destined for local distributors and specifically designed to accommodate electric vehicles.

  • Liquids transload and rail facility for transportation fuels and ethanol mainly to serve demand in Metro Vancouver.

Road and Rail Project


About the project

CP plans to extend an existing track leading into and out of its Vancouver Intermodal Facility. 

Expansion of the track will allow CP to build longer trains to accommodate growing trade. 

The project includes a new rail siding track for parking trains (approximately 16 000 feet) including a new rail bridge over Katzie Slough, to support the Vancouver Intermodal Terminal. 

The expansion includes a third rail from west of Harris Road to Golden Ears Way through the heart of our residential community (the yellow line on the map below).

Memorandum of Understanding: Harris Road Underpass/Kennedy Road Overpass Project Between Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and City of Pitt Meadows (City) and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA)     PDF Download  

A redacted version of the Road and Rail project MOU was released as a result of a Freedom of Information Request.  An appeal was initiated and resulted in the provision of an unredacted version.  

Information that was redacted (in red):


Project Scope 

2.1 Harris Road Underpass Component: “The rail overhead structure would have two spans with a centre pier, and would have sufficient width to accommodate two additional track.”

What this means: CP will be able to build 2 additional tracks east to Golden Ears Way for a total of 4 tracks along this corridor.


2.2 Kennedy Road Component: “would accommodate up to two additional rail lines on the mainline or sidings at the entrance to the CPR Vancouver Intermodal Facility.”

What this means: CP will be able to build 2 additional tracks at Kennedy Road.


"2.3 CPR Vancouver Intermodal Facility Siding Component

The completion of the two grade separation structures would allow CPR to expand the Cascade Subdivision by adding a siding track at this location.  The extent of the rail corridor expansion is bounded by Kennedy Road north-west of the Vancouver Intermodal Facility and the existing Golden Ears Way overpass located south-east of Harris Road.  It is anticipated that the siding track would be constructed on the north of the existing rail alignment between the mainlines and the Vancouver Intermodal Facility.”


3. Project Contributions:

3.2(c) “For land acquisitions required for the Project (other than the land referred to in subsection (a) above, it is understood that the City of Pitt Meadows will lead these activities and the land acquisition transactions.”


4. Project Delivery Roles

4.3 City Participation and Land Deliver Obligations:

“The City will be responsible for acquiring lands from third parties that are required for the roadway components of the Project, and the City will own such acquired lands.  The City will also be responsible for obtaining any necessary approvals in respect of the acquired lands that may be required for the Project, including any necessary approval from the Agricultural Land Commission.”

CP/Maersk Transload and Distribution Facility


About the project

“The CP transload facility will be an expansion of CP’s existing Vancouver Intermodal Facility in Pitt Meadows”

Operation of 117,000 sq ft transload and distribution facility to expand CP’s and Maersk Canada’s supply chain operations for customers.

“Together with Maersk, the global shipping leader, we will transform intermodal transportation in North America”

To be operational in 2021.

A new facility will be built at the CP intermodal yard in Pitt Meadows. (Special to The News) Sourced from: Maple Ridge Pitt-Meadows News

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