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Dear Minister


I am writing to you to express my grave concerns regarding CP Rail’s plans for the community of Pitt Meadows, B.C. which put the environment, and health and safety of residents at risk. It is imperative that you are aware of these concerns and take action to protect the citizens and this community.


The community has a number of significant concerns, including the following:


Local and regional environmental impacts:

  • Damage to Waterways including the Katzie Slough, Pitt River, and Fraser River

  • Permanent loss of viable agricultural land

  • Damage to surrounding farms

  • Permanent loss of vital habitat for local and sensitive wildlife

  • Flooding


Serious health and safety concerns:

  • Serious and potentially fatal fire hazards

  • Air pollution 

  • Exposure to chemical toxins including diesel fumes leading to increased risk of cancer

  • Noise and light pollution

  • Exposure to extreme vibrations

  • Sleep disruptions leading to serious physical and mental health issues

  • Significant impacts on quality of life as a result of shunting from building of trains in residential areas


Additional concerns:

  • Ability to remove land from the Agricultural Land Commission without due process

  • Increased truck traffic in locations already suffering from congestion issues

  • Residences within metres of heavy industrial rail yard

  • Disregard for community amenities in close proximity such as the Pitt River Greenway Dyke trail and municipally owned BMX track


Another concern is the lack of respect for proper public engagement. No advance notice was provided for the public engagement process and CP chose to do “engagement” during a pandemic with public health orders preventing public gatherings while people are in the midst of Christmas preparations. They took full advantage of a public health crisis and abused the process that is in place to hear and address residents’ concerns.  The engagement was limited in scope as the open houses were not long enough to adequately answer residents' questions. They may be fulfilling their requirements of the process to the letter, but they are not fulfilling their duty to the spirit in which it was intended.


In summary, CP’s plans for Pitt Meadows will bring extreme fire and safety concerns, environmental concerns regarding air, water, and land, negative health affects for residents and the community, noise and vibration issues, and an unmanageable increase in traffic volumes. 


There needs to be a balance between the national interests for moving goods across the country and the protection of the communities whose environments, and health and safety are put at risk.  I ask you again to take action to ensure the protection of our environment and health and safety, by preventing CP from executing their plans for our community. Our community and lives depend on your actions as our elected official to represent us and protect us from CP Rail!





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